Tuesday, September 27, 2011

my drug, your cancer

how much do you mean to me ?
a lot. you're everything to me
you are drug
i want to stop but i cant
my strength is useless
i just can't break free
but it's alright
i don't want to be free
as long as i'm with you i know i'm
right where i should be
the most safest place i know
exactly where i want to die
you can suffocate me with you're love 
as long as you want
i wont stop you
take everything from me
cause without you everything is useless
stay with me, fight for me
i am your cancer
you don't know where i came from
or what's the reason why i'm here
but the only thing you can do is fight
fight for me, fight for your self
fight for your life
i wont give you peace or calmness in mind
only your medication of love will
settle me down
it's what i need and what you need
the only thing i can assure you
is i wont leave
no explanation
breath in deep
let's give it another shot
you'll be my drug, i'll be your cancer
let's make it last forever