Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tooth Ache and Teenage Life

Hello Cold World and Everything that inhabited it ! I have an aching tooth and It sucks :|
Life's kinda terrible right now. Seriously, I've been dealing with a lot of problems lately. I don't know where my life's heading right now, it's out of control but I want it to be this way for awhile. I've always been so organized and so precise and accurate that I've been missing what i should be doing, what a teenager must be doing. I've been trying hard to please and impress everyone but no matter how hard i try, i don't. Right now, I'm just happy how things are working even though It seems to me like I'm floating in the air. What matters now is that I'm happy, I get good grades in school and I'm not intending to get pregnant. I don't want to think like an adult , like what I've been doing in he past. I want to feel and to be a teenager. I want to be selfish and careless. There's no better time to enjoy life than now. I don't what to problem my Mother's problem anymore. I know that in the future I'll also have the same problem as my Mom but I don't what my children to carry my burden. Anyway, I just dropped by to say "Life's tough, We gotta be tougher" :D 


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jacob B. in the house ya'll !

hey. I haven't blogged for awhile because
of dear Jacob . I've been taking good care of him
and as I can see, all the love and care I'm giving him
is brought back to me. I am just really happy now.
I've been praying and asking God if I deserve to have 
him but I never figured out the answer. But look where 
he is now :) He have been helping me and feels like
he somehow changes me to become better. 
Since I had him, I haven't been attacked by my
eating disorder. It feels great not to
be played by your brain and not to feel
weak. Also, he helps me not to think of Mark, being away.

He is just perfect. :">
He follows me everywhere and when I go out
he'll be waiting for me by the door
till I get back.
I just love him sooo much !

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ok. so it's 12:12 am
i can't sleep and i have no one to talk to.
i want to v-log but i cant cause everyone is now asleep.
i don't know what you want to talk about and i don't care
cause this is my blog and i will talk about what i want :)
i sound rude.

anyway, I'm having attitude problems right now.
maybe it's because of PMS or of ADHD.
yes. another disorder.
and it's making everything fall apart.
for those who don't know what ADHD means
it's Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
 if you want to know more about it talk to Mr. Wiki

I am still battling with my eating disorder
and now another battle to fight.
I may have ADHD way before my eating disorder
but maybe I wasn't aware of it.

 I am not anymore that secretive with my eating disorder
because this is who I've become and I am battling it.

you know people, if i'd have a chance to know someone
who is also bulimic like me, i'd tell him/ her
"hey, you know what? you are beautiful."
i'd say it with all of my heart because, like me, 
i know how hard this battle is.
if we could only stop ourselves. 

help us make our selves feel good
and please don't bring us down.


Monday, April 2, 2012

An open letter to my boyfrined

I wrote this last night while I was waiting for Mr. Fernandez
because he is claiming his presidency somewhere. 
This letter is for him and I would like to share this to everyone
so you will all be a witness of how wonderful our relationship
is through good and bad. I made this public not because I want
others to envy us, I made this public for everyone to know how much we
value each other and be an inspiration to other couple whose
having those rainy days. Relationships are never perfect and that's 
what makes it perfect. Here it goes 


      Heyhey! I know it's kinda late but HAPPY 20th MONTH BABY! geez. We've gone so far and I know we will keep on getting farther. There are a lot of things I want to tell you, and I will start it with Thank you. This past twenty months of being with you is the greatest twenty months of my entire life. I have learned a lot of things from you and I will continue to learn as we go on. Thank you for this twenty months of happiness. Even though we fight sometimes, I am still happy. You know I'd rather fight with you all day than be in love with someone else. You are the greatest part of me and I can no longer imagine life without you. Thank you for being so patient, I know it may get rough sometimes but you are just incredible, you always get through with it. Thank you for being there when I need you, It's nice to know, that there is somewhere I could go when I'm all beaten up by life. I fear nothing else (except God) because I know, whatever happens to me, you will always be there to pick me up. Thank you for the unconditional love, for accepting me despite of my flaws and unperfectness, for bringing out the best in me and seeing the good in me. Thank you for the trust that you have put in me. I have made mistakes that I wholeheartedly regret but the trust you give me is so strong that all those mistakes doesn't matter and because of that, it makes me love you even more. I wont put my sorries in here because I want this letter to be happy and not bring back those things that doesn't really matter. I love you baby, with all of my heart and you deserve all the best in me. You are the most perfect thing in my life and I will continue to value you the best way that I can. As long as we're together, we're unbreakable. I hope that our relationship will grow even more stronger everyday and with God's guidance and let us keep him as the center of it. I love you, always have, forever will.       

  Stretchy :D

there. I know old people will be like 'that's just puppy love' or 
'she doesn't even know what she's talking about'. I don't care
alright ? I don't mean to disrespect but I believe we also
deserve some respect. My teacher once told me that If you've got 
nothing good to say, you might as well keep it to yourself.
Thank you ! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plants VS Zombies

alright. I'm suppose to write something to my boyfriend 'cuz it's our 20th monthsary but instead I'll blog about what happened to me and my mom last night. :)

Yesterday, I played Plants vs Zombies all day. I was aiming for more plants for my Zen garden. I played the mini games, i finished the puzzle and i played the survival hoping to get more plants. Now I have two Marigolds, a Tall-nut, a Chomper, a Potato Mine, a Squash, two Jalapenos, a Scaredy-shroom, two Hypno-shroom, a Grave Buster and a Doom-shroom. haha I am soo beating your zen garden Mr. Fernandez :)) so anyway, I'm in bed at around 11 pm but I fought with Mark till 1:30 am, so that makes me sleep at 1:30 am. I dreamed about Plants vs Zombies and I was aware that I woke maybe somewhere around 3:00 am. I immediately get up for my bed, went to my mom's bedroom and woke her up to tell her "MAMA! magtanim ka pa nung tumitira!" (I am refering to a pea shooter or maybe a puff-shroom because it was a night battle of PVZ in my dream) and my mom said "Ano ba yang sinasabi mo?! Nananaginip ka nanaman no?!"  I said "Hindi, basta.Yung tumitira." She replied "Anong tumitira?!". That's when I got myself together and realized that I was talking non sense. I can't be sleep walking or something like that cause that would be really creepy. I know what I'm doing and what I'm taking about but I guess my dream just came out :)) In the morning, at breakfast my mom blurt out what had happen to everyone. I LOL at what I did and it was kinda embarrassing :"> HAHAHAAA :DDD rotfl

Hi Mr. Fernandez. I was suppose to write an
open letter for you here but I just had to share what had happen.
I know you'll understand because you love me very much,
and since that I love you too, very very much.
I will try to put myself together tomorrow
so I will be able write something to you. AND baby, this is your
new haven. Get used to this aryt ?
sorry for deleting may old blog where I used
to write sweet nothings to you. I hope this new blog place
will make you feel loved and special just like 
the old blog did. It's just the blog that changed
I'll still be the same :) I love you, always and forever <3


- prncss

Thursday, March 29, 2012

First year - First semester

Hi ! before I move on to my second year in college.
I'll have a review about my first year.
What I have achieved and goals I have accomplished.
  But before that, hear me :

I am Princess Anne Balagtas Lamagna. I am a first year college student at San Sebastian College - Recoletos de Manila taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I was never aware that my course means Science of Computing :) anyway, I know that I can finish this course. I just have to trust my self, work hard, pray and hope for the best.

  This is my First Year - First Semester Schedule

on my first semester in college. i had a difficult time going to school.
i had to take a jeep, tricycle, jeep, LRT, and jeep to get to school.
In total, I ride 10 times a day. Compared to my travel during high school
This is extreme :) tho I really learned a lot because of this.

My block mates are .. well, fine. They're not what I have 
expected, but they are very helpful and caring.

This is Jeryll. He is my best friend in college.
He is really nice and sweet and caring. 
He is an excellent leader and he is trust worthy.
Tho we both have problem in Mathematics :))
I love this guy <3
This is my Ate Lea, she is also my best friend
tho we're not block mates. She is nice but fierce :)
She is hard working and smart.
I have learned a lot from her.

With out this two people, I don't know where my place is. If I didn't meet, I would be lost in college. REALLY lost. I am very thankful to this two because with them I found my path. The path where I can start my journey through hardship, achievements and success. cheers to guys ! I hope to take this journey with the two of you. We will be a TRIPOD :D
on my first semester I have learned that,
✓ If there is something i must do, whether i like it or not, i might as well do my best because everything i do in college, i will benefit from it.  
✓ Professor's duty is to teach, Students duty is to learn.
✓ College is not a playground nor a place to meet new friends. It is a battle field where they train you and equips you with knowledge for you to be ready for the world.
✓ NOT everyone is a friend. College is a battle, everyone's an enemy. You must fight in the form of studying. Study hard in order to survive. 
✓ College is a place where you can practice confidence and communication.    

"smart professors teach, passionate professors makes you understand"

I have learned this and I will continue to learn and grow.
This is my new training. I will enjoy this and make the most of this.

I wish to post our ENG101 project but it doesn't work here
so watch it here >   ENG101 Project

 I have worked hard for this project :) 
All the planning and editing had paid off.
  I am so happy to bring my team to exception.
Nice Job Team :Dbd

 This is my FIL101 team.
we danced at the PASIKLABAN 2011
held at SSC-R auditorium. We finished only second place,
because we lack votes. We all worked hard
for this. We developed friendship and camaraderie.
 For our Filipino professor who trusted us
and didn't gave up on us. Thank you Sir ! 

This is only the first semester. 
I believe our block is tough because we all work hard
and we work together. Through differences, we are bonded.

- CeSz 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

snooze time

Alright dear friends.
before I snooze off, I want you to be aware that I'm back :)
tho with or without me, I know you're better off
nahh .. I just need something to blog about
I need to blog something productive SO
I have this list of summer things that I should do.

[ ] i have to clean my room
[ ] i don't have to eat to much 
[ ] i must run 
[ ] i need to have a beach bod (LOL!)
[ ] i'm back being a night owl
[ ] S.H.I.T i have to study programming language
[ ] i hate my course 
[ ] i love my course, my school, and my professors :D
[ ] i will not smoke :)
[ ] i will be happy
[ ] i will be nice to others
[ ] i have to get rid of stress, i mean pimples
[ ] i want to eat :O
[ ] i need to sleep
[ ] i will blog and post pictures :D
[ ] i will be a good citizen of the Philippines

[ ] I will enjoy SUMMER ! :D 

ok. good morning happy monkey !
i'm off to sleep :P

this pup looks like my Jacob :">
Good Morning Jakey ..
See you, in the mourning :*
- Piggggggggs