Sunday, April 1, 2012

Plants VS Zombies

alright. I'm suppose to write something to my boyfriend 'cuz it's our 20th monthsary but instead I'll blog about what happened to me and my mom last night. :)

Yesterday, I played Plants vs Zombies all day. I was aiming for more plants for my Zen garden. I played the mini games, i finished the puzzle and i played the survival hoping to get more plants. Now I have two Marigolds, a Tall-nut, a Chomper, a Potato Mine, a Squash, two Jalapenos, a Scaredy-shroom, two Hypno-shroom, a Grave Buster and a Doom-shroom. haha I am soo beating your zen garden Mr. Fernandez :)) so anyway, I'm in bed at around 11 pm but I fought with Mark till 1:30 am, so that makes me sleep at 1:30 am. I dreamed about Plants vs Zombies and I was aware that I woke maybe somewhere around 3:00 am. I immediately get up for my bed, went to my mom's bedroom and woke her up to tell her "MAMA! magtanim ka pa nung tumitira!" (I am refering to a pea shooter or maybe a puff-shroom because it was a night battle of PVZ in my dream) and my mom said "Ano ba yang sinasabi mo?! Nananaginip ka nanaman no?!"  I said "Hindi, basta.Yung tumitira." She replied "Anong tumitira?!". That's when I got myself together and realized that I was talking non sense. I can't be sleep walking or something like that cause that would be really creepy. I know what I'm doing and what I'm taking about but I guess my dream just came out :)) In the morning, at breakfast my mom blurt out what had happen to everyone. I LOL at what I did and it was kinda embarrassing :"> HAHAHAAA :DDD rotfl

Hi Mr. Fernandez. I was suppose to write an
open letter for you here but I just had to share what had happen.
I know you'll understand because you love me very much,
and since that I love you too, very very much.
I will try to put myself together tomorrow
so I will be able write something to you. AND baby, this is your
new haven. Get used to this aryt ?
sorry for deleting may old blog where I used
to write sweet nothings to you. I hope this new blog place
will make you feel loved and special just like 
the old blog did. It's just the blog that changed
I'll still be the same :) I love you, always and forever <3


- prncss

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