Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jacob B. in the house ya'll !

hey. I haven't blogged for awhile because
of dear Jacob . I've been taking good care of him
and as I can see, all the love and care I'm giving him
is brought back to me. I am just really happy now.
I've been praying and asking God if I deserve to have 
him but I never figured out the answer. But look where 
he is now :) He have been helping me and feels like
he somehow changes me to become better. 
Since I had him, I haven't been attacked by my
eating disorder. It feels great not to
be played by your brain and not to feel
weak. Also, he helps me not to think of Mark, being away.

He is just perfect. :">
He follows me everywhere and when I go out
he'll be waiting for me by the door
till I get back.
I just love him sooo much !

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