Wednesday, March 28, 2012

snooze time

Alright dear friends.
before I snooze off, I want you to be aware that I'm back :)
tho with or without me, I know you're better off
nahh .. I just need something to blog about
I need to blog something productive SO
I have this list of summer things that I should do.

[ ] i have to clean my room
[ ] i don't have to eat to much 
[ ] i must run 
[ ] i need to have a beach bod (LOL!)
[ ] i'm back being a night owl
[ ] S.H.I.T i have to study programming language
[ ] i hate my course 
[ ] i love my course, my school, and my professors :D
[ ] i will not smoke :)
[ ] i will be happy
[ ] i will be nice to others
[ ] i have to get rid of stress, i mean pimples
[ ] i want to eat :O
[ ] i need to sleep
[ ] i will blog and post pictures :D
[ ] i will be a good citizen of the Philippines

[ ] I will enjoy SUMMER ! :D 

ok. good morning happy monkey !
i'm off to sleep :P

this pup looks like my Jacob :">
Good Morning Jakey ..
See you, in the mourning :*
- Piggggggggs

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