Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hello Summer ! :)

Summer, (haha) we meet again. I hope you've got something good for me this season cause you know, this is what you are.

Oh my dear blogger.
I am sorry for not talking to you for a long time. You know, I am really really busy working with my new friends, College and Stress ;) They're not really nice but I have to cope with them. Don't worry! They are over .. but they'll come back this June. Anyway, I have been hospitalized for 2 days because of Dengue. The funny thing is, I was admitted in the hospital because of itching. The nurse took blood from me  and I was almost well when they discovered that I had dengue. My fever started Friday morning. I went to school thinking that I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. During lunch break, I was kinda feeling sick but I didn't mind it. On my way home, I was texting Mark "Beb, Malapit na ako mamatay". When I got home, I was really sick and my temperature was ranging from 38-39 degree C. I've never felt that sick my entire life. Saturday is my graduation day in NSTP, I asked Mom if i should attend but she didn't allowed me. (I worked hard for that NSTP >:| ) I still have fever that whole Saturday and It continued till Sunday. On Monday, I was feeling ALMOST well .. I had to go to school for our final exam. Mark had to come with me to school in case I die there, he would hear my last words :)) kidding. Tuesday is same as Monday. Wednesday, is the start of our summer break. Wednesday night, I had this unbearable itching thing. I thought it was my bed so I transfer to my Mom's bed but i still feel itchy. I never slept that night. In the mourning i was still itching so my Mom asked me to come with her in the hospital (since she worked there) . When we got there, they took my blood sample and poked me with a syringe containing Benadryl. It cured my itching for a while so I had a small chance of sleeping but it came back after a while. When I woke up, my mom told me I had dengue and I'm itching because I'm getting better but I have to be observed, so i got confined. I really like getting hospitalized because when I do, I get special treatments and I get checked ever four hours. It makes me feel -not alone. Like I am being take cared off. And I also like getting IV's :D i don't know why. though it hurts sometimes :| this is a secret aryt ?! 

Dear Mom, Sorry for liking the hospital bed and the IV's. your spending thousands of bucks. I might as well enjoy it :D

Let us all enjoy our summer :) 


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